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Author Language Base Topic / Title
Amoroso, Arline Italian What happened to Italian Jews during WWII?
Arbushites, Wendy


Faire la Connaissance
Bailis, Mara French Visit to the Doctor
Ballock, Genevieve French Weather and its Attributes
Botterbusch, Janice French Le Tour de France
Brady, Karen French En Vacances!
Brenner, Colleen French Hometown
Cafiso, Bonna French

Les baobabs chez le Petit

Prince et chex nous

Fiedler, Bonnie French Food Preparation
Foster, Paula French Cyrano de Bergerac

Guay, Edith

French Le Québec et l’importance de la langue française
Gustafson, Mary Lisa French Regions and Products of France
Hensley, Nadine French School Day, comparison with French
Kemp, Charlene French Je voudrais visiter
Kennedy, Connie L. French Paris metro
Kohl, Elisabeth French Art & Archeology
Osmanski, Mary French La Famille
Prevost, Susan A. French Clothing/Seasons
Redenius, Marilyn French Les Francais en Amerique
Rugh, Diane French Je me souviens
Scott, Celinda French L'euro
Sheehy, Nancy French Explorons la cuisine francophone
Silverstein, Lawrence French A Teenager's Day in Senegal
Ullo, Carol French Francophone countries
Bowser, Sandra French & Spanish After-school Activities
Cartier, Renee French & Spanish "La Luz de Yara"
Azzara, Leslie Spanish Twas the Night before Christmas
Blanco, Gabriel Spanish Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe
Brown, Joseph Spanish Marriages and Traditions of XVIII and XXI centuries of Lima and the USA
Bruno, Cheila Spanish La Mariposa
Buchman, Arlene Spanish Mexican Muralists
Budiwsky, Anna Spanish Arabic Architecture in Spain
Cannon, Carol A. Spanish La Virgen de Guadalupe
Carnahan, Tari C. Spanish La familia
Catalano, Doris Spanish Countries Where Spanish is Spoken
Cilli, Karen Spanish Production of a Class Newspaper
Cottom, Meghan Spanish Family
Dietrich, Sarah Spanish Numbers
Griswold, Jennie Spanish Doña Luna (Phases of the moon)
Guarino, Rosemary Spanish El Ramo Azul
Harvey, Leslie Spanish Cuban Music
Highberger, Sharon Spanish Animales y mas
Kauffman, Carol Spanish Los Deportes
Kempf, Elizabeth Spanish La Vida Escolar (School-Life)
Kinman, David Spanish Dr. Chapatin video series
Koss, Rebecca Spanish Garden
Lyons, Tammy Spanish Refugees and Immigration
Marcet, Carmen Spanish “Viaje a la ciudad del Cuzco – Perú”
Morris, Joslyn Spanish

Family Celebrations

Murphy, Daniel Spanish Two Mexican legends
Orr, Stacy Spanish Don Juan Tenorio
Rathgeber, Karen Spanish La ONU:  Conoscamos Nuestro Mundo
Rayer, Maryanne Spanish Asking Directions in old San Juan
Reed, Sharon Spanish Mariachi y Más
Roberts, Annette Spanish La Quinceanera
Stewart, Patricia Spanish Classical Artists of Spain
Taggart, Elizabeth Spanish The Novel Lazarillo de Tormes
Trimmer, Jill Spanish Spanish Terms
Turi, Catherine Spanish El Cohitre
Valdivia, Isabel Espina de Spanish

Inti Raymi:  Festival of the Sun


Please note:  This plan has 3 parts.

You'll need to download each separately.

1) Plan, 

2) PowerPoint Presentation, 3) Music file


For your convenience, parts 2 and 3 are contained in a self-extracting zip file for you to download.  Please note that this file is close to 5 MB in size, so be patient.


You will need to open the .zip file to access the presentation and music files.  If needed, free software to access this .zip file can be found at www.winzip.com and at www.pkunzip.com.



Weaver, Peggy Spanish Telling others what to do
Zoeltsch, Nancy Spanish La Ropa
Affleck, Sylvia Latin The Architectural Achievements of Augustus
Bernheisel, Deborah Latin Intro. to Geography and Language of Rome, 1st Century AD
Floyd, Mary B. Latin Gaudeamus Igitur
Fritz, Nancy S. Latin Anatomy
McCormick, Katherine Latin Bayeux Tapestry
Mc Elroy, Sister Catherine Latin Caesar's army and army today; geography
Redline, Mary A. Latin The Roman Domus (House)
Richards, April Latin Mythological characters from Ancient Greece and Rome to explain Latin syntax
Alexander, Sandra German Clothing
Appleman, Mary Lou German Visiting Doctor, ailments
Cacali, Viera German School Days
Colucci, Brian C. German Die Familie
Dallmeyer, Bree German Let's Talk
Jennings, Helen German Weather
Lavigne, Dorothea German The Euro:  New Currency for the Union
Mulvihill, Sonya German Housing
Orman-Scalise, Judith German Free Time
Sedlack, Cassandra J. German Fussball in Deutschland
Shearer, Donna German Market Day
Traub, Constance German Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten
Welliver, John A. German Converting currencies & units of measure
Qu, Xueling Chinese Chinese Food
Yang, Yu Chinese Chinese Zodiac
Citelli, Lisa Japanese Tanabata, Astronomy
Pease, Patricia ESL Celebrating Thanksgiving

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